I was afraid something like this would happen…

Hello reader.

I am writing to assure everyone out there that I am not dead, just enmeshed in writing the second chapter of my dissertation. I have never attempted to write something of this volume before, and have quickly gained a hero-worship-like admiration for people who have written a PhD thesis without having a breakdown.

Since writing last, I completed and submitted two 4,000 word essays, and have written the first chapter of my dissertation. Oh, and I turned 24! I also volunteered at the Penarth Literature Festival which you can learn more about on their twitter page: https://twitter.com/penarthbookfest?lang=en

For my current chapter, I am looking at two books: The Street and The Narrows, both by Ann Petry, and exploring the themes of racism, motherhood and the femme fatale. My previous post is on The Street– it’s a really well written, emotional book, but will leave you feeling frustrated and saddened for Lutie!

There’s a quick update for you. I’m not going to promise another post before September 8 (my hand-in date) as that way it will be a nice surprise if there is one!

Best get back to it.


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