My name is Ella and I am a 24 year old MA English Literature student living and working in Cardiff¬†-which is, in my humble opinion, a very underrated city. I spend my days working steadily through an ever-growing mountain of books and then meeting up with course mates to talk about them. It’s a hard life.

This blog is an outlet for me to talk about the books and films I have enjoyed and other interesting titbits that I have discovered during my course that I want to write down. After completing my first degree in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2014, I went from academic writing to lesson planning. I taught English as a Foreign Language in South-Eastern Spain for a year which gave me little time to write other than the diary I have kept since my teenage years. I began my masters in September 2016 which has inspired me to start again with gusto. So alongside essays and dissertations (15000 words!?!?!), I will be maintaining this blog.

I hope you enjoy it!